Why Your Homeschooler Needs Twaddle

Whether you identify as a Charlotte Mason homeschooler or not, chances are that if you've been part of the homeschool community for a while, you've at least heard of the term twaddle. As it appears in Charlotte Mason literature, it refers to reading material that is silly, trivial, predictable, and lacking in literary value. Well, silly, trivial,… Continue reading Why Your Homeschooler Needs Twaddle

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10 Literary Terms to Carschool This Week

Before you turn on your audiobook on the way to dance/karate/piano/co-op/errands, quiz your kids on these literary devices. 1. Verbal Irony - Occurs when someone says one thing but means the opposite. Example: 2. Situational Irony - Occurs when what is expected to happen is different from what actually happens Example: In the short story… Continue reading 10 Literary Terms to Carschool This Week