Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Young Readers

Thanks for visiting one of my holiday gift guides. I hope that you’ll find some great gift ideas for the young readers in your life. This post contains affiliate links. Clicking on them costs you nothing and helps to support the upkeep of this blog. Thank you!
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For Littles


Help establish a child’s identity and self-perception as a book person by gifting a bookish t-shirt featuring a beloved character, like this t-shirt featuring the beloved classic character Corduroy.

Friendly Books, Interactive Books

The littlest of littles will enjoy books from the Indestructibles line. These books are made to handle biting, thumping, throwing, and anything else a baby or toddler can inflict upon them. And they absolutely WON’T rip or fall apart.

My kids played with their Poke-a-Dot book for long periods of time over many years. We read it together, of course, but they must have spent hours poking all of the bubbles and giggling with glee.

Upgraded Fridge Magnets

Good, old-fashioned refrigerator letter magnets are good, but Leapfrog’s Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set is even better. While you’re working in the kitchen, littles can hang out in front of the fridge, hearing letter sounds and names as they place different letters in the bus.

For Big Kids

Fun Reading Tools

Once kids have moved on to chapter books, entice them with fun bookmarks. Here are some choices that double as a crafting gift.

Scratch Art Bookmarks

Origami Bookmarks

Sloth Bookmarks Coloring Book

Fridge Magnets for New Readers

Beginning and early readers will have fun building sentences with these magnets on the refrigerator (or any other magnetic surface).


Wearing a clever bookish t-shirt lets everyone know that the wearer is a big fan of books, and that helps kids to see themselves as real readers. This clever Harry Potter shirt or this Wonder tshirt are sure to appeal to lots of young readers.

Magazine Subscriptions

Getting mail is a ho-hum parade of bills for grown-ups, but for kids, getting mail is so special. National Geographic Kids, Sports Illustrated Kids, Highlights, and Ranger Rick are all classic choices,

Ask is a magazine perfect for makers and scientists in elementary grades.

Chop Chop is a magazine for aspiring chefs and their families.

Bookstore Gift Card

There’s a lot to be said for spending an afternoon at the bookstore with your child. Kids can get a hot cocoa or a sweet treat, and then they can explore the kids’ section with money they can spend on any book that catches their fancy.

Library Kit

Some kids pretend play school, some play store, some play restaurant, and some kids love playing library. Or they would if they had this nifty library kit.

For Teens


Teens might enjoy wearing a shirt touting a recently enjoyed book. Teens might also be ready to be nostalgic about books they read when they were little.

Farenheit 451 Tee

Where the Wild Things Are Tee

Readers can wear the scarf of the Hogwarts house they most identify with. If you aren’t sure which scarf to buy, Harry Potter’s house, Gryffindor is always a safe bet. Probably don’t choose Slytherin unless you know your reader would love it. (That’s the house a lot of the bad guys belong to.)

Bookstore Gift Card

Your teen reader would certainly appreciate a gift card to enjoy an afternoon at the bookstore, maybe indulge in a treat at the bookstore café, and choose any book that catches his or her attention.

Reading Pillow

Teen readers no doubt spend lots of time holed up in their bedrooms with books. Make lounging with a book more comfy with a reading pillow.

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