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Back to School Countdown, Homeschool Edition – Day 5


Back to School Countdown

Day 5 – Nurture Your Relationship

Successful classroom teachers know that positive relationships with students are crucial to encouraging learning to take place and to fostering good behavior that makes the classroom a more pleasant environment for everyone.

It’s just as true for homeschool relationships. On the days when our relationships are humming with positivity, our kids learn like magic on our laps. On the days when everyone wakes up bristly, the day feels like a waste.

holding hands.jpg© Calyx22 Dreamstime Stock Photos

As teachers, our job is to ensure that as much quality learning as possible takes place. And to make that happen, we have to make sure that we have as many good relationship days as possible to support that learning.

Stephen Covey used the metaphor of Emotional Banking as a way to think about improving relationships. If we want to maintain a positive balance in our relationship accounts, we need to remember to make many more deposits than withdrawals.

Use today to make big deposits in your relationship accounts with your children. Whether it’s taking a hike, playing board games, a marathon read-aloud session, roller skating, or making art together, use this day to be fully present with your children. Be forgiving. Be interested. Listen.

The truth is that we’re all going to have hard days in our homeschools this year. It’s inevitable. Today, make some extra investments in your relationships to make those days easier to overcome.

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