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Back to School Countdown, Homeschool Edition – Day 2


Back to School Countdown

Day 2 – Make a Realistic First Day of School Photo Plan

You might live in a more Pinterest-worthy reality than I do, but I’ve given up on meeting that standard. COULD I learn hand-lettering, buy a perfect slate and $20 set of chalk markers, and dress my children in coordinating outfits? I COULD. But I bet that what I WOULD do is get frustrated with trying to write in a perfectly straight line, decide it’s not really worth it to drive to the good craft store on the other side of town, and discover that somebody’s shirt has a mustard stain on it.

I want the focus on the first day to be about the effort we’re putting into learning and not about effort we’re putting into appearances, so at least in my book, the first day of school photo should be low-stress and low-budget.

Today let’s make a plan for a first day of school photo that won’t create any additional items on your to do list, cost any money, or create stress before you ever crack the new math book’s spine.

Six ideas to inspire your own easy-peasy photo plan:

    • Have any books at your house? (That was a joke. You’re probably as covered up in books at your house as I am at mine.) Pile up a few of your child’s pretty hardcovers and find a sunny window like this. (Scroll down the page a little.)
    • If you’ve got sidewalk chalk and a stool for the photographer to stand on (to get more distance for fitting in a whole body shot from above), you might try this idea out in your driveway. You’ll either need a spot that has good shade, or you might have your child wear sunglasses to help with squinting… and looking cool.untitled.png                                  Photo courtesy of Blue Cricket Design
    • Get some inspiration from blogger Becki Adams here for using some things you probably already have in your house: a globe, a book, an apple, and a chair.
    • As for us, I’ll probably pile up the year’s curriculum on the table in our freshened up “classroom” (the kitchen table area), and write a back-to-school message on the chalkboard in the background.

While you’re thinking and clicking on links, pour yourself a tall glass/cuppa something. You’ve got a lot of relaxation to fit in these four remaining days of summer, friend!

ed shapshots back to school photo.jpg

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