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Mad Libs Love (Freebie!)

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There are so many things I relied on as a classroom teacher that just don’t translate to the homeschooling realm, but one thing that has proven to be a thing of beauty in both worlds is Mad Libs.

With my high schoolers, Mad Libs was a fun activity to sneak in on a Friday. The kids saw Mad Libs time as one step away from downtime, and I took advantage of the relaxed atmosphere to review the parts of speech in a way that didn’t feel mean-old-school marmish.

Then, this year, when my own kids started first grade, I once again hauled out my old friend Mad Libs. For a while, I had to remind the kids of the definitions of the various parts of speech, but before long, they had the basic concepts down for nouns, verbs, and adjectives. And, if you don’t count the many, many, many times I had to fill butt and fart in the blanks, it was completely painless.

(By the way, we have a rule in our house that a word can only be used once per Mad Lib sheet, and that rule may have been inspired by the words butt and fart.)

Ideas for Making Mad Libs Part of Your Homeschool:

  1. Start your school day with a Mad Lib. There are worse ways to start the day than with laughter, no?
  2. Stuff a Mad Libs book into your purse for downtimes in waiting rooms, restaurants, and lines.
  3. Keep a Mad Libs book in the car and put an older child (who isn’t driving) in charge of writing down everyone’s suggestions and reading the resulting hilarity.
  4. Fill in a Mad Lib at lunch. We homeschoolers don’t exactly rely on mealtimes to catch up, so let Mad Libs make the conversation more interesting.

There are so many Mad Libs to choose from these days. If you’re overwhelmed by all of the choices, here are a couple of my family’s favorites to get you started:

My son’s favorite Mad Libs book:

My daughter’s favorite Mad Libs book:

While you might be waiting on a chance to hit the bookstore or for your next Amazon delivery, here’s a (FREE) little Summer Reading Fill-in-the-Blanks printable to enjoy as you begin wrapping up your school year. Just click on the link below to print a copy.

Summer Reading Fill-in-the-Blanks

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