Pleased to Meet You

Hi, friends! I’m Ms. Maggie, your Language Arts Coach. In addition to raising my two children to be the smartest, kindest people they can be, my purpose in life is to help young people find joy in reading and writing. With joy comes enthusiasm. With enthusiasm comes eager practice. With frequent and engaged practice comes excellence.

While I do have years of experience as a “highly qualified” certified teacher in public schools under my belt, you’ll find that many of the practices I advocate aren’t what a student would typically experience in a public school setting. Rather than repeating what’s always been done in English class, you’ll find that I’m more focused on what research says about how kids learn best and promoting the habits and practices of lifelong readers and writers.

Please check back frequently as I add resources to my shop. One resource that I’m working hard to complete and share with you is my Reading Pathway program for grades 6-9. It’s a literature program designed to hook your kids into being curious, voracious readers for a lifetime. Also be on the lookout for writing units for grades 6-12 that focus on teaching writing instead of just assigning writing. (I’ll write more about that difference between teaching and merely assigning writing in future blog posts.) Because my style of teaching writing is progress-focused, I’ll also be working to offer Writing Repair Kits to help students tackle the mechanical issues that blight their writing. Finally, watch for research-based vocabulary units that will help students approach any text, whether it’s a novel read for pleasure or the vocabulary section of a college entrance exam.

I’m a homeschooling parent just like you, and I feel it’s such an honor to be part of your family’s education odyssey. Please contact me at languageartscoach@gmail.com with any questions or requests that you have. Cheers!


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Dear Starbucks, please send more coffee. XOXO


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